Frequently Asked Questions

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How are they installed?
Most items are installed using adhesives as opposed to nails. To learn more about how to install our architectural ornaments please see installation guides.
Can I install these on my own or would a professional be required?
Our architectural ornaments are easy to install. However, if you are not that handy we recommend hiring a professional.
Are there any special measures that need to be taken to maintain these polyurethane architectural ornaments?
No, these architectural ornaments are virtually maintenance free. Normal dusting will suffice in keeping your new architectural ornaments clean.
Are they pre-primed?
Yes, they are pre-primed and do not require any sanding.
Can they be painted?
Yes. They may be painted, stained or faux finished. A quality latex or oil-based paint is recommended for a smooth and solid finish. DO NOT use lacquer based paints to finish products. If you are preparing a faux finish, including wood grain, use a non-penetrating glazing stain or paint. Since there is no grain pattern in polyurethane a grain pattern will have to be simulated in the staining process for a faux wood grain finish.
Are they available in stock?
The majority of products are available in stock. Certain products are made to order and will be noted on the product page. We do encourage you to contact us to confirm stock availability if your project is time sensitive.
How much pressure can these polyurethane architectural ornaments take?
They are as strong as most wood species such as pinewood.
If my question is not listed here, how can I get an answer?
Please feel free to contact us on the web or call us toll free at (800) 992 - 8700 with any questions you have.