Licensed Historical Collections

Focal Point offers five product lines based on historical properties from around the country, giving you a chance to own a small piece of history. Each Focal Point architectural product is licensed by a historical foundation that is striving to restore and preserve historical buildings and homes that have become part of our rich American heritage. Classic Ceilings is proud to be a part of Focal Point's preservation effort.
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All descriptions and photography are used with permission from Focal Point Architectural Products, Inc.

Victorian Society In America

Victorian architecture is reflective of French, British and American architectural styles that transitioned the 19th and 20th Centuries ­ Second Empire, Romanesque Revival, Queen Anne and Stick & Shingle designs. Featuring varied roof lines, applied ornament, complex cornices and contrasting paint applications, structures had a unique flavor that easily flowed across the country and the world. Victorian design is a reflection of what many Americans felt about themselves at the end of the 19th Century ­ substantial, prosperous and very sure of their place in the world ­ a visual statement easily distinguishable in today's design.

Victorian Society In America Victorian Society In America Victorian Society In America